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Every day, without us even realizing it, corporate activities are silently wreaking havoc on our planet. Our drive, ambition, and relentless pursuit for a brighter future have led to unchecked emissions, deforestation, and environmental degradation, pushing our Earth to its limits. From the towering skyscrapers to the sprawling factories, these behemoths of industry are leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

But this isn't just about faceless corporations. It's about you, me, and everyone we hold dear. It's about the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the world we leave behind for our children. It's about the asthma attacks that steal our breath, the contaminated rivers that rob us of clean water, and the rising temperatures that threaten our very existence.

Our Commitment

We've committed to planting 5000 trees within the next 5 years, a step towards restoring balance to our planet's ecosystems. Since 2021, we've already made strides, planting 1000 trees and cleaning up the streets around our offices. This was just the beginning. Reforestation has since become a pivotal aspect of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda, recognizing the urgency of our planet's call for action.

Achieving a green earth aligns closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a primary print for a better and more sustainable future for all. By promoting sustainable practices, we contribute to several key SDGs, including Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being , Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities,Goal 13: Climate Action, Goal 14: Life Under water, Goal 15: Life on Land, and Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals. We are not only safeguarding our planet but also fostering a healthier, more equitable world for current and future generations.

This Earth Day, 2024, presents a unique opportunity for us to come together with our clients, friends, and like-minded members of the society, united in our commitment to sustainability. We need your support as we embark on an audacious goal of planting 5000 trees in 5 years. We're hosting a tree-planting event that goes beyond just planting trees. This Earth Day, MGI Alekim LLP is calling on you to join us in a mission to reclaim and restore our environment. Trees are nature's own carbon-capture technology, absorbing harmful CO2 and releasing clean, fresh oxygen. By participating in the tree planting event, you're not just planting trees; you're planting hope. Hope for cleaner air, safer water, and a healthier planet for generations to come.

Sponsorship Packages

For all individuals & companies who are enthusiastic about making the world greener and a better place.

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Join us as we celebrate Earthday 2024 and help heal our planet, for a safer & greener future.